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An effective recruitment strategy underpins any successful organisation’s ability to secure talent. 

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Why develop a Recruitment Strategy?

A defined and tested recruitment strategy:

  • Creates a shared recruitment vision and common goals
  • Provides a roadmap for achieving recruitment objectives
  • Aligns recruitment activities with broader organisational goals

How can HCMS help? 

HCMS assists clients identify, design and implement recruitment strategies that meet current needs and growth plans. When developing recruitment strategies, HCMS works with clients to consider:  

  • Workforce optimisation
  • External and internal environmental factors impacting recruitment
  • Relative costs and benefits of alternative strategies
  • Resources, technology and other enablers required for strategy deployment 

What is the payoff?

Formal strategy planning helps clients: 

  • Maximise the business benefit of their recruitment efforts
  • Leverage resources, tools and technology effectively
  • Create measurable recruitment objectives to manage performance
  • Raise the strategic profile of recruitment efforts within the business

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