Recruiting Audit

The HCMS Recruitment Audit is a diagnostic tool for evaluating current recruitment performance. 

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As third-party experts, we partner with clients to objectively review recruitment processes, systems and functions. Our goal is to uncover strengths and weaknesses, developing a blueprint for continuous improvement.  

How does it work?

We use proven methodologies, templates and processes to deliver every audit. The HCMS Audit process comprises five key phases:

  • Pre-Audit Information – To initiate the audit, we ask clients to provide information about existing recruitment practices, costs and volumes. HCMS provides templates to compile all relevant recruitment data and information.
  • Pre-Audit Self-Assessment – To optimise effort during the on-site review, a pre-audit self-assessment is completed by our clients. This assists HCMS in understanding key recruitment issues, priorities and business objectives.
  • On-site Review – This consultative phase involves client-site visits to review recruitment practices, tools and processes.
  • Data Analysis – HCMS uses a range of recruitment metrics to measure and compare organisational performance against industry benchmarks.
  • Findings and Recommendations Report -This report summarises key issues and strengths identified during the review. It also provides a series of recommended solutions and ‘next steps’.

What is the payoff?

 The benefits of conducting a HCMS audit include:

  • Faster, more cost effective and improved recruitment services and processes
  • The creation of an effective and sustainable recruitment function which provides repeatable quality new hires
  • Improved service to hiring managers and candidates which enhances the organisational EVP
  • Greater alignment of recruitment outcomes to business objectives
  • A measurable improvement in Recruitment Return On Investment

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