Redeployment Consulting

We help organisations build redeployment functions to create career transition pathways and reshape their workforces. 

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What is HCMS Redeployment Consulting?

We’re experts in the design and implementation of Internal Redeployment Models, Systems and Processes.

Redeployment is about matching the right people to the right roles at the right time. Often we think of Redeployment as internal mobility but it can be more. Re-skilling, Early Retirement, Job Sharing, External Placement and Flexible Working Arrangements are just some of the tactics that facilitate effect redeployment. When used harmoniously, these approaches deliver measurable business benefits.

Why develop a redeployment function?

Our clients use our Redeployment Consulting Services to:

  • Minimise redundancies (during challenging trading conditions)
  • Successfully deliver specific and enterprise-wide projects (by temporarily utilising an employee’s competencies and expertise)
  • Facilitate the ongoing effective allocation of resources

Each service is tailored to our clients’ needs and operating environments.

How can HCMS help?

HCMS’ Redeployment Consulting Services include:

  • Redeployment Reviews and Audits
  • Redeployment Service Delivery Model Design and Implementation
  • Redeployment Process and Service Engineering
  • Outsourced Redeployment Provider Selection
  • Redeployment Professional Training

What is the payoff?

When performed effectively, redeployment:

  • Improves business flexibility or agility
  • Reduces resourcing costs
  • Leads to greater productivity and competitiveness

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