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We can help with your recruitment process engineering and design processes.

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Why redesign recruitment processes?

A well-defined process provides the foundation for efficient and effective recruitment. The process establishes the activities and methods by which an organisation recruits, and ultimately impacts its ability to hire skilled, motivated and productive employees.


How can HCMS help?

HCMS assists organisations develop fast, quality-driven recruitment processes. Our process engineering & design service includes:

  • Assessment of existing processes against industry best practice
  • Identification of current process inefficiencies, road blocks and service issues
  • Investigation of the client’s operating environment and industry to identify special recruitment needs
  • New recruitment process design or re-engineering of existing processes
  • Development of tailored processes for direct, internal, external, specific and bulk recruitment activity
  • Documented “swim-lane” flowcharts showing event sequencing, process participants and process outputs

What is the payoff?

Benefits of using HCMS’ process engineering & design service include:

  • Faster, more efficient and streamlined recruitment processes
  • Greater alignment of recruitment processes with business requirements
  • Improved candidate and hiring manager care and communication during the recruitment process
  • Better integration between an organisation’s recruitment model, processes and technology

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