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We work with clients in a range of ways to improve and focus candidate branding and attraction efforts.

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What is Candidate Branding & Attraction?

Strategic attraction and branding activities are crucial for organisations seeking to recruit high performing candidates. As candidates become more marketing savvy and discerning, organisations that successfully use proactive and effective marketing tactics create a competitive advantage in the employment market. 

How can HCMS help?

HCMS assists clients develop and implement employer branding and candidate attraction strategies. Our services include:

  • Identifying employment value propositions and developing tactics to effectively market these benefits to candidates 
  • Training recruitment staff and Hiring Managers on promoting value propositions and the organisation to candidates
  • Developing industry and educational alliances to build relationships with candidate groups
  • Developing advertising strategies and identifying suitable advertising providers in the marketplace
  • Developing candidate talent pools using recruitment technology and the internet
  • Developing targeted sourcing and branding strategies for critical and scarce candidate groups
  • Developing databases of top industry performers and other desirable candidates
  • Building market intelligence and proactive sourcing capability in recruitment teams

What is the payoff?

Benefits of using HCMS’ branding & attraction consulting services include:

  • Elevated profile as an “employer of choice”
  • Improved ability to attract desirable candidates
  • Greater organisational and role fit of new hires
  • Reduced recruitment cycle times
  • Increased manager and candidate satisfaction
  • Improved quality-of-hire

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