Contingent Recruitment Services

In challenging economic times, the effective utilisation of contingent resources can generate a competitive edge, greater flexibility and significant cost savings. 

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What is Contingent Recruitment?

The term ‘contingent’ describes all forms of non-permanent employment including temporary, casual and contract staff. Increasingly, the contingent workforce plays an important strategic role in Human Resource Management. In challenging economic times the effective utilisation of contingent resources can generate a competitive edge, greater flexibility and significant cost savings.

Many organisations have achieved excellence with their permanent recruitment models and are now looking to achieve similar results with their Contingent Recruitment Model.

How can HCMS help?

HCMS works collaboratively with organisations to lift contingent workforce productivity and quality. By leveraging HCMS’ experience and best practice knowledge, our clients achieve sustained organisational change faster and more effectively.

HCMS provides a range of contingent consulting services including:

  • Contingent Recruitment Model Auditing
  • Contingent Recruitment Model Design and Implementation
  • Third-party Provider Selection
  • Contingent Recruitment Process and Service Engineering

What is HCMS’ contingent consulting approach?

Our contingent consulting service lifts organisational performance and fast-tracks contingent management practices along the three-phase path of evolution.

1. Efficiency
Margin cost-based savings, compliance driven and minimal leakage to non-suppliers.

2. Quality
Increased productivity, minimised risks, greater control and higher cost-based savings.

3. Competitive Advantage
Significant return on investment, improved contingent management and higher contractor use.

What is the payoff?

Our Contingent Consulting Service helps clients achieve significant business benefits. We help clients:

  • Improve efficiency – Increase responsiveness to business demand and speed to fill vacancies
  • Reduce costs – Maximise cost savings through lower margins, more competitive administrative fees and greater consistency of contingent rates
  • Increase visibility – Improve monitoring and reporting for better control of contingent workforce usage and expenditure
  • Lift quality – Enhance contingent workforce capability for sustainable improvements in production quality
  • Create flexibility – Increase resourcing flexibility and usage by improving flows between contingent and permanent workforces
  • Minimise risk – Improve compliance and risk management relating to business reputation, safety, asset protection and security

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