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    Talent Pool Service

    What are talent pools?

    Talent Pools underpin proactive recruitment initiatives that help organisations select the best candidates. Responding to skill shortages, leading organisations are now using talent pools to improve the way they identify and access skilled candidates in the labour market.

    How can HCMS help?

    HCMS partners with organisations to build targeted talent pools of pre-qualified candidates. We use a three step approach for developing effective Talent Pools for clients:

    Step 1: Talent Pooling Planning and Market Research

    »          Identifying critical skills and scarce positions                    
    » Performing market research to understand candidate motivators and needs
    » Evaluating the effectiveness of the Client's Employee Value Proposition and current approach

     Step 2: Developing Attraction and CRM Tactics

    »          Developing attraction and marketing tactics                 
    » Developing candidate relationship management tactics
    » Performing market mapping to identify top performing candidates

     Step 3: Building and Managing the Talent Pool

    »          Deploying attraction and marketing tactics               
    » Deploying Candidate Relationship Management tactics
    » Managing and maintaining the Talent Pool database

    What is the payoff?

    »          Better recruitment outcomes thanks to a greater selection of candidates and improved candidate knowledge                             
    » Reduced recruitment cost and cycle times by tapping into a pool of pre-qualified candidates
    » Access to HCMS' specialist sourcing expertise and market intelligence
    » A scalable service responsive to evolving business needs

    Where can I learn more about HCMS Talent Pool Services?

    To learn more about our services, please click here to send us an enquiry.