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Our People

At HCMS, we pride ourselves on having a great team. Our consultants have extensive experience gained across many industries. Together, our expertise covers all major areas, including strategy development, business process improvement, technology implementation and more. Key members of our team are:

» Trevor Vas
Sonia Tammaro
Simon Townsend 

Our leaders are supported by experienced and energetic affiliate consultants who enjoy working in challenging and fast-paced business environments.

Trevor Vas - CEO & Principal Consultant

Trevor has extensive experience in the Recruitment, Information Technology and Finance industries. His ability to innovate within industries and move to the top of each field has been achieved by first setting a vision, and then delivering the vision with precision, energy, passion, creativity and most of all, persistence.

Trevor established Human Capital Management Solutions (HCMS) in 2000, Insidejob in 2005 and the Australasian Talent Conference (ATC) in 2007. HCMS realised a vision to create a unique and independent consulting business to revolutionise recruitment practices. Insidejob recruits corporate recruitment professionals and provides unique capability-based recruiter assessments and training programs. The ATC offers industry-leading thinking to assist HCMS and other organisations provide creative solutions.

Trevor is well on the way to achieving this vision having successfully sold and delivered major projects to corporations such as Qantas, Telstra, Coles Myer, Westpac, Suncorp, NZ Post, Air New Zealand, Vodafone and others. Trevor is also the Director and Founder of the Australasian Talent Conference (ATC). The ATC specialises in providing events on Sourcing & Engaging Candidates, Talent Management and the Contingent Workforce. Over the last 10 years the ATC has run over 40 major events in Australia & New Zealand. Trevor is also a subject matter in these areas and has provided consulting to major organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The conferences, training and consulting have gone a small way to improving how talent is recruited. 

Sonia Tammaro - Principal Consultant

Sonia Tammaro is the owner and principal consultant of Innov8te. She is a senior Human Resources professional with extensive experience in consulting, talent acquisition, facilitation and change management. She has led both small and large teams within in house and consulting organisations with a key focus on strategic improvement, innovation and stakeholder management.

She has consulted to many of Australia and New Zealand’s leading organisations to design, implement and / or manage contemporary Talent Acquisition functions.  Sonia has led high profile and complex projects that have required significant organisational change.

As well as having owned and operated her own business, her experience spans large consulting projects and leadership of in sourced, outsourced (RPO) and hybrid Resourcing solutions

Simon Townsend - Principal Consultant

Simon is a Design Thinking professional who specialises in Human Capital. Focusing on the human element of innovation, he is a strong believer that everyone can help define and sculpt the future and he works to develop teams using tested Design Thinking techniques. With his eye on the long term future of business, Simon demystifies technological advances and social media strategies to provide simple-to-implement approaches to recruitment processes and talent sourcing.

In his time as Innovation Manager for Deloitte and Chief Innovation Officer APAC for Allegis Global Solutions, Simon honed his Design Thinking skills and he has trained one on one with Professors from Insead, Stanford and UC Berkeley. He is also a member of the Sydney Digital Disruption Research Group and spent 2 years assessing startups for inclusion in the TalentTech Labs incubator based out of New York. 

Simon is now Principal and Founder of twelve2 – a talent management consulting firm.

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