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Who We Are


Human Capital Management Solutions (HCMS) was established in November 2000. Its founders wanted to create a unique and dynamic organisation responsive to the changing human capital environment. Bringing together an impressive team of consultants, HCMS was built on solid knowledge gained through hands-on consulting and industry experience.

Since its inception, HCMS has worked with an impressive list of Top 500 companies and large government institutions. Today, HCMS describes itself as 'a group of collaborative businesses committed to defining the market standard for recruitment and resourcing solutions in the Asia Pacific region.'

HCMS is a boutique consultancy that has helped many of Australia’s and new Zealand’s leading organisations set up and optimise their Talent functions to achieve their business objectives. HCMS can assist companies set up a Total Talent approach to their workforce which entails helping an organisation acquire, maintain and mobilise their workforce to gain optimum, agile and cost effective outcomes. The types of services that underpin this include reviewing and benchmarking organisations to:
  • Innovate and set up leading Talent Acquisition and Management Functions;
  • Create efficient and effective Contingent Workforce Functions; and
  • Improve Graduate Recruitment outcomes.
HCMS uses a Human Centred Design Thinking approach and Six Sigma based proven project management practices to ensure it not only meets an organisation’s needs but gains maximum acceptance. All projects are undertaken based on preparing a business case so that the return on investment is readily discernible.


“HCMS Insidejob is a thought leader assisting large internal recruitment functions become lean and agile."


Our mission is to transform resourcing practices for our clients. We're committed to re-shaping recruitment and human resources by challenging existing delivery models, services and standards. We aim to enhance our clients' resourcing practices, save them money, enrich their businesses and make them great.

Guiding Principles

We build our reputation on:

» Excellence, leadership and innovation
» Honouring our commitments
» Acting with integrity, respect and independence 
» Delivering services that make a substantive difference
» Exceeding our clients' expectations